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3 Tier Pricing


Why Pay for Full Coverage Color when you can Pay for Black and White Instead?

If you work with most copier companies, you will look at your pricing and see that there are only two billing meters, color or black and white.  So, that Email you print with the small color link is billed at the same rate as the full color flyer.  Does that seem fair?  It is so much less toner.  Pahoda has a program available that will charge black and white rates rather than color rates.

So, there are 3 tiers on a lot of the models we sell.  Here is how it breaks down:

Black and white and spot color – Black and white copies or color copies (about the size of your thumb – unless you have huge hands)

Business Color – Spreadsheets and mapquest or documents like these

Full Color – Flyers and Powerpoint slides – heavy color coverage

If you would like to see what a quote looks like with 3 tiers instead of just two tiers, please give us a call!