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Don’t get Fooled on your Copier Lease

It’s extremely important to work with a company that you trust when you are looking for your first copier. Even if this isn’t your first time, many leasing companies will do whatever they can to take advantage of you. Leases can be confusing and they will try to trick you into spending more than you should. We want you to shop smart, and do whatever you can to not be fooled on your copier lease.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself is read as much about leases as possible. It’s harder to be fooled if you know what you are getting yourself into. Learn as much about copier leases as you can. Then, factor in what you know to how it relates to your business.

  • How many prints will I need?
  • How long do I want my lease to be?
  • What kind of copier is right for my business?
  • What features do I absolutely need?
  • What features can I do without?
  • Do I need security or other additional features?


Having an idea for what you think you need is the best way to stay on track. People get taken advantage of when they listen to everything a salesperson tells them. Knowledge is power and knowing a little bit about the copiers you think you need will protect you from getting fooled into getting a bad copier lease. Another good way to get a good copier lease is to work with our team at Richmond Copier. We can help you get a good copier lease for a great price.