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Selecting a Copier Manager

Once you get a good deal on your copier the challenge to save money is not over. Getting a good deal on your lease is not the only way to save money. You need to make sure that your operational costs are kept low. This can mean keeping track of a number of things, which can be hard while running a business. One of the best ways to get help with saving money on your copier is by selecting a copier manager.

A copier manager is someone in your office who can help you keep track of everything that happens with your copier. They will be in charge of monitoring and tracking all the usage that happens within the office. They should be someone who already works there who is able to take on the extra responsibility.

A good copier manager should be able to help you with the following tasks:

  • Tracking all usage of toner and consumables
  • Track how much color printing is used versus monochrome
  • See if any department or singular person is a main source of waste
  • Help find better deals on prints and toner
  • Know the basic functions and troubleshooting solutions for your machine

Your copier manager should be the first line of defense for everything in your copier. They should have a solid understanding of everything that goes on with your copier and can help you solve problems.

Selecting a copier manager can be a fantastic way for you to save money in places you may not have noticed before.