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Leasing a Copier

When a business is considering getting a new copier, it is a big decision as to whether or not your company should lease or buy the copier machine. Of course, with either option there are advantages and disadvantages. It is often times, especially for a start-up company, to consider the leasing option. 

One reason to consider leasing a copier rather than buying them is that the copier can be a very over used piece of machinery. This kind of use over an extended amount of time can really wear down any piece of machinery and can cause it to become a maintenance issue. Leasing limits the amount of money that you have to pay for the over use of a copier and helps you avoid owning a piece of machinery that is broken down. The leasing company will handle the expenses for maintenance and then if the copier breaks down the leasing company will handle the necessary repairs and will even swap out for a new copier.

It is also advantageous to lease rather than buy because as new models of copiers come out you can replace your old one with a newer, better model. If your Richmond areas business is interested in getting a new copier without the headache of buying, please give us a call at (804) 554-5443.