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Xerox Copiers in Richmond – Why Consider Xerox

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Richmond firms looking to buy a copier might want to consider the story of Chester Carlson. The inventor of the first XEROX machine, Carlson was an inventor with a lifelong dream. Born in Seattle in 1906, Carlson developed a life long interest in copier technology. Carlson’s invention copying was done by mimeograph, known as wet copying.

Carlson grew up with parents who suffered from severe illnesses and suffered from extreme poverty. With few resources he was compelled to help support his family at an early age. Carlson’s family was too poor to give him a typewriter but in 1916 his aunt gave him a rubber stamp and he was hooked on printing processes. Through a long career as an inventor, Carlson became disgusted with having to copy patent applications by hand.

As an eventual law student he was forced to copy books to study giving him further motivation. In 1938 he read an obscure article about chemical processes that gave him insight. A few years later after several home cooked experiments that exploded and burned Carlson finally worked out a dry copier process. Carlson’s persistence is the type of effort that makes XEROX a great American company. Drivers of innovation for more than a century, Richmond businesses would be well advised to look at the latest XEROX copiers.