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Copier Repair Tips

Tips for copier repair –

The sad fact of life is that well used machines will break down at some point. This includes even the most stalwart copier, one that has lasted through years of inter office work. Just because a copier has stopped working, it doesn’t mean it is a total loss. Here are some tips to help determine the repairable state of your machine.

Paper Jams

All copiers allow you to have access to their internal machinery. Before deciding if the copier is broke, open it up and see if there is a paper jam. These jams often caused by misloaded or damaged paper. Paper jams are also caused by dirty feed rollers and dirty paper transports. Check all parts and make sure the copier is clean.

A copier without power

One of the most overlooked items when a copier shuts down is the power cord. Make sure it is plugged n to both the wall outlet and the copier itself. If everything is correct and the copier still doesn’t start, plug it in to another wall outlet. Janitors, tech support, maintenance men, and other building service workers can unplug copiers. If this doesn’t work, there might be another problem.

If there are other issues, be sure to call a professional technician for more information.