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Common Copier Buying Timeframes

When to Purchase a Copier:

Like other modern electronic devices, state-of-the-art copiers are released on a regular basis. You can obtain a model that produces quality copies, which will enhance your company’s image and productivity. To access the most recent technology, experts recommend that businesses replace their copiers every three to five years. Updating your equipment is essential if your current model is no longer compatible with your network.

With a lease agreement, you can upgrade your copier to a more current model at the end of the term. Because of possible harmful chemicals contained within the machine, it is illegal to discard a copier in the regular trash. A lease agreement eliminates the requirement to dispose of your old machine. Our technicians will install your new copier and properly dispose the old one. Leasing provides companies in the Richmond area with greater flexibility to meet the challenges of their business environment.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you determine your copier needs. Let us show you how the latest multifunction machines can increase the productivity of your office.