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Color for the Cost of B&W?

Can I get color for the cost of Black and White?

Some things you hear are too good to be true, and other things are just a great deal.  One of the claims we have heard lately is that with Xerox copiers, you can get color for the cost of black & white.  In the spirit of the political season, we had our fact checkers on this story.  The verdict is True and False!

On some models, this is true if the coverage amount is small.  About the size of your thumb.  This would be on the Colorqube 9301, Colorqube 9302, Colorqube 9303, Colorqube 8700 & Colorqube 8900.

There are a bunch of Xerox copiers where this is not true.  The Phaser 6180, WorkCentre 6505, WorkCentre 6605, WorkCentre 7120, WorkCentre 7125, WorkCentre 7525, WorkCentre 7535, WorkCentre 7545.

The basic breakdown is the 3 tier billing is available on the waxed based color models and not on the color models.  We proudly sell the Xerox Colorqube line (wax based) as well as the Xerox WorkCentre and Xerox Phaser copiers in Richmond!

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