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Understanding Free Copier Upgrades

Let’s say you have had this copier over the last four and a half years. A copier sales rep starts coming to you and offering you this fantastic deal. He or she wants to give you this newer system for less than you currently pay. Seems prudent, right? In a haste, you sign that dotted line and have the new copier sent. Here are reasons to avoid signing up for that free upgrade even if you plan to keep working with your current company.

First, your lease will be through a bank? Ever had an experience with banks and their forgiveness of debts for no reason? The charges will hit you from somewhere—guaranteed. Copier costs have come down over the last five years. If a copier seems cheaper, that might be because of the lower price in the market. Before you decide on that free upgrade, get competitive quotes to make sure that this new quote is not just cheaper than what you currently pay. Over the course of a contract, upgrading to new equipment will ultimately cost you an extra $3,000 at a minimum. If you want advice that skips the nonsense, contact our copier company in Richmond.

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