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Upgrading Your Office Equipment

  Owning a business comes with the responsibility of making a lot of decisions that will potentially cause their business negative or positive consequences. Decisions that can affect your business in this way need to be thought about with a great deal of care and thoroughness. One of the areas that these decisions need to…

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Xerox Copiers in Richmond – Why Consider Xerox

XEROX Innovation Richmond firms looking to buy a copier might want to consider the story of Chester Carlson. The inventor of the first XEROX machine, Carlson was an inventor with a lifelong dream. Born in Seattle in 1906, Carlson developed a life long interest in copier technology. Carlson’s invention copying was done by mimeograph, known…

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Xerox Colorqube 8900 in Richmond

The Xerox Colorqube 8700 belongs in the offices of Richmond Richmond has a great history that dates back to the foundation of the USA. The businesses in the city are wise. The business owners know what technology to buy and what tech to leave alone. The Xerox Colorqube 8700 is a piece of technology that…

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