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Getting to Know Xerox

Xerox has been one of the most innovative companies for the past hundred years and continues to be so. Here are a few things that you may not have known about this well known company: They were the very first company to develop the “dry copying” process when Chester Carlson came up with it while…

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Buying a Used Copy Machine

Saving Money or Just Needing another Copier Sooner? If you are trying to save money on a copier, one of the most common methods people use is to buy a used copier.  This often makes good sense, sometimes it doesn’t.  If you are an office that needs 11 X 17 capability on your copier and…

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Buying a Used Copier

We often get requests for used copiers in Richmond.  Most people looking are primarily worried about the initial cost of the unit.  For the value conscious shopper, we do have used copiers for sale.  We sell Xerox Remanufactured copiers as part of our product offering.  The remanufactured copiers are refurbished by Xerox and sent out…

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Buy a New Printer or Keep Buying Toner?

A lot of our customers have had copier reps knocking on their doors for years telling them it is time to change out all their equipment for the faster and more efficient copiers.  The issue with this logic is the printers are already owned and often working great.  The copiers have to be purchased! If…

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Color for the Cost of B&W?

Can I get color for the cost of Black and White? Some things you hear are too good to be true, and other things are just a great deal.  One of the claims we have heard lately is that with Xerox copiers, you can get color for the cost of black & white.  In the…

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