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Copier Repair Ideas

Unfortunately copiers do break down after plenty of abuse. Even the best working copiers are going to need some repair and maintenance at some point. There are a few things you might want to try when you are having trouble with your copier that might fix your troubles without having to call a technician to…

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Spare Copier Needed?

Even if you already have a copier, you may need an extra machine or one with additional capabilities for a one-time project or compiling end-of-year financial statements. A short-term copier rental in Richmond can be more advantageous than purchasing a copy machine. One major benefit is that your monthly payments are 100 percent tax deductible.…

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Budgeting for a Copier

If you want to purchase a copier for your Richmond area business, you must formulate a budget. There will be initial costs to cover the acquisition of the machine and the ongoing maintenance and replacement of consumables, such as toner and paper. You should create a prioritized list of essential features. Examples include electronic sorting,…

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Buying a Used Copier

We often get requests for used copiers in Richmond.  Most people looking are primarily worried about the initial cost of the unit.  For the value conscious shopper, we do have used copiers for sale.  We sell Xerox Remanufactured copiers as part of our product offering.  The remanufactured copiers are refurbished by Xerox and sent out…

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