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Color Copiers

When you are buying a copier in the Richmond area, it is important that you consider how much your company uses color copies. Color copies are more expensive than black and white but they can add a lot to the documents that your clients deserve. You should have a very good idea about how much…

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Copier Sales in Richmond

Richmond Copier One of the things to consider when using a Richmond copier company is the color of the pages that you print. Color copies, although more expensive than black and white, give the richness that you might need on a poster, important document or invitation. It is important to examine each print that is…

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Copier Jams

In a Jam with Your Old Copier? Copiers are a large expensive for many businesses. The price of new copier often tempts business owners into hanging on to old, outdated copiers they have already paid for in an effort to avoid the cost of purchasing a new one, but old copiers can be expensive, too.…

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Common Copier Buying Mistakes

Are you ready to buy or lease a copier?  Don’t make these common mistakes that most buyers will make: If you have a current copier dealer in Richmond, then make sure you actually get some quotes to ensure you get the best pricing available. If you don’t need 11 X 17 capability, don’t pay for…

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