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Stop Spending too much on Prints

If you have are searching for a copier lease and find a copier that you love you may be inclined to sign the contact right away. Take a second to look over all parts of the lease. It’s not just the monthly lease payment you need to consider. Many people only pay attention to that number and don’t consider that they might be overspending on prints.

Getting you to overspend on prints is one of the most common ways that leasing companies use to get you to pay more than you should. They will make it seem like it’s a good idea to buy more prints than you need, just in case. They will, truthfully, tell you that buying more prints mid-month will be more expensive than buying then at a bulk low price early on. However, they are only trying to trick you.

For example:

  • You calculate your monthly output and decide that you need 25,000 prints.
  • The salesperson might suggest that you buy 30,000 prints, just in case. They offer to knock the price down from $.o15 per print to $.014 per print.
  • It may sound like a good deal because you are paying less per print but you are still paying more.

25,000 prints x $.015 per print = $375 per year

30,000 prints x $.014 per print = $420 per year

They will tell you that you are paying more, but it’s an investment for your busy months. What they aren’t tell you is that the unused prints don’t rollover to the following month.

There is no benefit in buying things you won’t ever use. They know that you are essentially padding their pockets without you knowing about it.

At Richmond Copier we believe in spending you money. We believe that it’s better to buy the prints you actually need, than waste money on a once-in-a-while emergency. Our approach is that you should buy about 80% of what you think you need on busy months. This gives you a closer amount to work with, and only buy what you actually use.

For a fair copier lease call us today at Richmond Copier. We will help you save money on the areas that other people are ripping you off. Stop spending too much on your prints and get a fair lease with Richmond Copier.