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Why you need Copier Security

Understanding how to protect yourself from a possible cyber-attack is the first step to protecting your data. The era of technological advancements has created many benefits, but also created some areas of concern. People are doing more than ever to try and protect their private information, but for business owners, there is often a glaringly obvious weak point.

Your copier has a hard drive inside that helps with a number of functions. Without these hard drives you wouldn’t be able to do some of the features you rely on, like document management. One of the jobs of this hard drive is to save a copy of everything that goes through your copier. That means there are Gigabytes of information about your company and employees saved on your copier.

Network security won’t be able to protect your copier from an attack. Luckily, companies like Xerox offer security options to help protect your information.

Think about everything that goes through your copier. It is probably a lot more information that you think it is.  Depending on the business that your run, you could be vulnerable to losing information about:

  • Personal contacts
  • Social Security information
  • Legal Actions
  • Health Information

It’s not worth the risk to ignore the possibility of an attack. Call Richmond Copier today to make sure that you are secured. At Richmond Copier we can set you up with a safe, reliable copier at a fair price. Call us today and you will see that we are the copier experts who truly have your back.