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Returning a Copier

Your lease is ending and you are excited to return your old copier. It may have served you well in the past but there are more powerful machines out there. You want the best for your office and are excited to get a new Xerox copier as soon as possible. Unfortunately, returning a copier isn’t always an easy process. At Richmond copier we want to make sure you have everything you need to make sure that returning a copier is easy.

Copier leasing companies like to make it difficult to return a copier exactly right. It gives them a great opportunity to charge you for doing little things wrong. They can also continue your lease if you don’t cancel it exactly as they want you to. Here are a few steps to take when returning a copier.

  1. Find out if you need to terminate your lease. You cannot simply assume your lease will end when the lease is up. Many companies require you to write a letter to cancel your lease. If you do not do this then they will rollover your lease for an additional few months.
  2. Write a letter to terminate your lease. There is usually a time period in which you need to send in the letter. It can span from 45 days from when the lease ends to up to 6-months before. Make sure you don’t miss this deadline
  3. Put toner in separate zip-lock bags. Most copier companies require you to do this to make sure there is no staining or leakage.
  4. Check your manual to see specific packaging details. Many companies require different things for different copiers. Make sure your meet the requirements or you could face a fine.

Getting hit with a fee at the end of a lease can leave a bad taste in your mouth. We want copier leasing to be an easy experience. Customer service is the most important thing to us at Richmond Copier.

Call Richmond Copier to learn more about returning a copier. We have the best copier leases and the best workers around. Let us solve your copier problems today.