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Used copiers

cashIs your Richmond business in the market for a copier? Did you know that our Richmond copier dealer sells excellent, refurbished used copiers for a fraction of the price of a new copier? Our used copiers have been refurbished at the factory, ensuring that all the i’s have been dotted and t’s have been crossed before the machine can even enter into our inventory. We don’t sell used copiers with high meters, you will always receive a gently used copier with a low enough meter that you can feel comfortable that your copier still has life in it.

We work with several of the top copier manufacturers in the world. Our used copiers are made by such brands as Xerox, Lexmark and HP. All of these names say “quality” and we believe that they speak for themselves. Why spend full price on a new copier when you can get used copiers with similar features for so much less? Buying a used copier can be a great compromise for the business that no longer wants to continue renting or leasing their copier but doesn’t want to commit a large amount of cash flow towards a new copier.

When you are in the market for a “new” used copier, look no further than our Richmond area copy reps. We look forward to hearing from you soon!