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Copiers: Choose One Based on the Size of Your Business

Xerox 7835 CopierAre you a small business on a budget? If so, finding the right copier can seem a daunting task. You may have spent hours looking at reviews and weighing your options. It becomes time consuming and a constant stress. As a business owner, you want your investment to pay off without tying up too much of your capital.

One aspect people often overlook is to choose a copier based on the size of their business. Why? You should do this because if you buy a copier that over performs, you will pay much more for it, and if you buy one that cannot sustain the demands of your business, you will pay through lost customers. First, look at how many employees you have. Do you have less than 10 employees or a larger business with more than 30 employees?

As a small business owner, you will most likely benefit from an all-in-one unit because it balances your jobs. If you own a business with 10 to 30 employees, you may want a copier with a higher performance level because it can support the output of your environment. Before choosing a copier, look at your monthly print volume and add a little extra for flexibility. This is the best method for finding a copier that will meet the printing requirements of your business.