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What Does Your Maintenance Plan Cover?

Before you lease a copier, should you set up the billing so that the company will include maintenance? While numerous business owners enjoy this option because it can integrate their payments into one bill, you still have to consider if this financially makes sense. Whether it does, depends on how you have chosen to set up the billing.

For example, will the maintenance plan cover service repairs and toner? In addition, do you pay for the paper when a technician services your copier? Technicians will often use a few hundred sheets of paper to repair your copier, so you want to have this included.

To put it bluntly, some service plans are not as good of a deal as you might believe. Never assume that simply because they call it a service plan that you will be covered. You also need to make sure that the company covers the cost of shipping, or you could have to pay for it.

You can avoid the maintenance fees that come directly from a company if you have it billed separately. Especially business owners who print a lot of paper will save even more. You may pay more for the convenience of placing everything into a single check. Don’t believe everything a¬†salesperson tells you. In many cases, they receive a higher commission for having you agree to a maintenance plan, which means the truth is not always placed on the pedestal.