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3D Printing – Our Future?

3D Printers, Scanners and Copiers…Are They Our Future?

Entering the office building, you can expect the chattering of employees, the smell of coffee and a line at the copier. After a bit, it starts to seem monotonous. However, you could spice things up with an upgrade to that old copier. When you think of your normal copier, it probably does not have 3D. As recently emerging technology, these new 3D printers and copier can create more than the typical flat plane. Through their access of the z-axis instead of solely the x-axis and y-axis, they can create objects in real space.

How does the 3D printer, scanner and copier outshine your normal Xerox? Well, if these products do both 3D and 2D scanning, printing and copying, you will have access to a 6-in-one machine that can be used in the office. In addition, these 3D devices are portable in some cases. Many companies have caught on and started to go paperless while college classrooms send their syllabuses via email. The paradigm shift in technology usage will lead to better image scanning, printing and rendering.