Richmond Copier Provider - Xerox Sales and Leases

To Buy or Lease a Richmond Xerox Machine

There are not many copiers that will be sold at list price, so buyers can typically see anywhere from 10%-20% off the manufacturer’s original retail price. The prices can vary greatly, even amongst the same make and models of copiers. Different vendors sell at different prices and they may offer service contracts which can allow them to price below market value. Additional fees may be negotiated for extended services, contracts, accessories, options, or add-on features. Shoppers may get great discounts depending on the competitive models and situations if they are buying a discontinued model or older model. Discontinued models sell cheaper, but it is harder to find support for the system such as software updates, hardware add-ons, etc.

Before signing any contract or lease, always understand what will be the future costs and the current costs. Leasing a copier may cost more in the long run, but leasing comes with more significant tax advantages. Leases typically charge on a per-copy basis such as minimum copy counts per month. You should consider a lease if you want to avoid any significant capital drains that would otherwise inhibit progress. Be careful of some provisions that stipulate that you are obligated to trade up for newer models as technology advances.