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2 Tricks to Saving Money on Your Richmond Xerox

If you are purchasing a copier for the first time, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices and features available in Richmond Xerox machines. No doubt, there are many factors to consider when comparing and contrasting what the many different machines have to offer. There is no one-size shoe fits all solution. It is critical to get a handle on the nuances between the different Xeroxes on the market. If you pair up with your IT department and accounting department, you can filter out the nonsense in the technical jargon of the copier market. While you are exploring, keep these two tricks in mind:

  1. Instead of buying a new Xerox at full price, take a look at the refurbished Xeroxes. Most of them will operate just as good as the brand new machines. There are generally huge price drops when buying refurbished compared to buying one that is brand new.
  2. If you already operate a copier at your business, make solid calculations on how many prints or copies you make a month. If you don’t have a copier or don’t use one, you can estimate how many prints or copies you plan to make a month. An estimate is better than nothing.