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Copier Repair Ideas

Unfortunately copiers do break down after plenty of abuse. Even the best working copiers are going to need some repair and maintenance at some point. There are a few things you might want to try when you are crappycopier2having trouble with your copier that might fix your troubles without having to call a technician to come and fix your machine. 

Some times it can be as simple as a paper jam. All copiers will allow you access to the internal machinery. Open the copier and see if there might be a paper jam. These can easily be caused by improperly loaded paper or paper that has been damaged or even because their are dirty feed rollers or paper transports. Make sure the paper is fine and that the copier is clean.

Maybe it is even something as simple as the power cord not being properly plugged in. Make sure it is plugged in to the wall and that the cord is properly attached to the machine. If that all looks right, try a different wall outlet. If these things don’t work in fixing the problem, then there might be something more seriously wrong and you should call a professional technician to help you with your problems.

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