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Getting to Know Xerox

Xerox has been one of the most innovative companies for the past hundred years and continues to be so. Here are a few things that you may not have known about this well known company:

They were the very first company to develop the “dry copying” process when Chester Carlson came up with it 8700while conducting experiments in his kitchen that almost led to his house being burned to the ground.

They also invented a lot of things that were eventually licensed to Steve Jobs who used them in his first version of the Macintosh computer. These include the concept of the desktop computer, graphical user interfaces, the device that would come to be known as the “mouse” and the very first cathode ray tube monitor.

They are the only Fortune 500 company that has an African-American female as their CEO

Xerox has what they call the “e-Concierge” which tracks how much toner you have used in your printers and copiers and allows you to order more before you run out through its web based email interface.

They invented laser jet printing.

They are also one of the leaders in cloud based products which make it possible for your business to print from remote locations so that you can take your business on the road.

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