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One of the things to consider when using a Richmond copier company is the color of the pages that you print. Color copies, although more expensive than black and white, give the richness that you might need on a poster, important document or invitation. It is important to examine each print that is done in the home or office instead of looking at the sample that is on the box of the copier or a sample that is provided by the company. You also need to look at the type of paper that the Richmond copier will use. Papers with a gloss covering are more expensive, but some copiers only take this kind of paper when printing certain items.

It is normally less expensive to make copies than it is to print them. This is because you are not using a machine that has a laser or ink jet system. Many copy machines operate at half the cost of a printer. When using a Richmond copier company, you want to look at the price per page that you are printing compared to the price of each copied page. The copied page will probably be lower.

Instead of using the copier for random things like worksheets for your children or notes that are from a meeting, use the copier for something you know you need. You also need to know why you want the copier in general. Is it for scanning pictures and documents, only making copies or printing from the computer? If you need more than a copy machine, then get something that has multiple functions.