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Copier Jams

crappycopier2In a Jam with Your Old Copier?

Copiers are a large expensive for many businesses. The price of new copier often tempts business owners into hanging on to old, outdated copiers they have already paid for in an effort to avoid the cost of purchasing a new one, but old copiers can be expensive, too. They are slow, use prodigious amounts of toner and power, and are often prone to breakdowns, costing money in lost time and service calls. Selling your old copier to help pay for the new one is one solution, but selling a copier is time consuming and difficult, and it’s hard to tell what an old copier is worth. So what do you do if your business needs a new copier but you need to save money?

Introducing the Xerox Tradeups program. The Xerox Tradeups programs allows business owners to save money on the purchase of a new, qualifying copier from Xerox by trading in their existing copier, regardless of brand. The process is simple. First, contact Xerox and get a quote on your old copier. Next, give us a call and purchase a new, qualifying Xerox copier. Then, contact Xerox to receive a prepaid shipping label and ship your old copier to them. Approximately 45 days after Xerox receives your copier, they will mail you a check. Last, enjoy the savings and increased productivity of your new Xerox copier. It’s that easy. Contact us today to see all the ways a new Xerox copier – and the Xerox Tradeups program- will benefit your business.