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Used Copiers

About buying a used copier


For many businesses times are tough and cost of a new copier may be beyond the company’s means. Fortunately, buying a used copier is an option can save your company a lot of money. But before you jump into this decision keep the following in mind:

1. There are several types of used copiers. Some copier dealers will sell used copiers in “as-is” condition. Generally these copiers will come with a 14 day warranty at best. Make sure that you have some with some knowledge of copiers check out the condition of the machine you are buying. If you can find out the story on the copier including how many lifetime copies have been made on the machine. Getting a flexible full-featured service plan for this type of machine is highly recommended.

2. It is not advisable to buy an analog copier even if the price seems right. Less and less support and replacement parts are available for these types of machines.

3. If your dealer has a selection of refurbished machines these are highly worth considering. A refurbished machine has been thoroughly cleaned, repaired, and inspected. A refurbished machine should meet factory standards and refurbished copiers generally have longer warranty periods ranging generally ranging from 30-90 days.

For more information about used and refurbished copiers contact your local copier sales rep and ask for a list of available inventory. Ask if its possible to try out the machine for a few days before you commit to the purchase.