Richmond Copier Provider - Xerox Sales and Leases

Buying a Copier

Consider Before Buying

Are you a Richmond based business looking for your next copier or printing machine? Below is a list of questions before order a new machine or sign any deals:

1. Copier contracts have a lot of fine print. Don’t be fooled by the ½ cent per page copying charge that sounds inexpensive. Leasing terms, color copying costs, maintenance, supplies, and addons can all add-up quickly. Make sure you read all the terms and compare charges and offers.

2. You don’t need a machine that does 100,000 copies per month if you only do 5,000. The right size machine will take up less office space, use less energy, and cost less monthly.

3. Consider automating your supply orders. XEROX’s eConcierge software detects when machines are running low on supplies and predicts when a new order should be made in order to reduce downtime and ensure that the correct supplies are ordered. If you have a large company you may want to consider a more comprehensive Managed Print Services program designed to ensure interoperability, lower costs, and orderly phase out of older systems.

For more information about premium copiers contact your XEROX sales representative today.