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Xerox copiers are renowned for their reliability, efficiency and innovative designs. Like other high-tech equipment, the machines can experience performance issues. This guide provides solutions to help your copier perform as it was designed. Allow the printer sufficient time to warm up after it has been off or in standby mode. Check the print quality setting in the print menu if the production rate is too slow. Select a lower setting, such as “Standard” or “Draft” to increase the print speed. Increase the printer’s read-only memory to enhance its ability to process the information and print faster.

No copy machine is immune to paper jams. To minimize this frustrating issue, make sure that you use the type of paper that Xerox recommends. Do not overload the paper trays, and make sure that your guides are properly aligned. Check the feed rollers and the path that the paper travels to verify that there are no obstructions.

An experienced copier technician can check and service your machine’s feed mechanisms, rollers, pins and other crucial components. Identifying and resolving minor issues can prevent a major problem, which can hinder your office productivity. Contact our Richmond area office to discuss affordable service plans or competitive Xerox copier lease and purchase programs.