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Color Copiers in Richmond

The cost of color copying in Richmond

It isn’t often a regular employee stops to think about the cost of every copy she makes. The idea that color copies are more expensive than black and white copies isn’t really a concern. This isn’t a bad thing; an employee should be able to do her job without worry. However, it should be a concern of the business owner. As the owner or manager of a company, all the pennies should be counted. This includes color versus black and white copies.

Not every presentation needs to be in color

Color may make presentations pop, but there is a cost to every hand out and copy created. Not all meetings need to have these devices and not all of them have to be in color. Either buy a copier that only copies in black and white, or start training the employees to use color only when necessary. It is a good idea to give examples of what is considered necessary and what isn’t.

Not every document needs to be reproduced on a copier. When an employee only needs a small number of copies, the office printer will do the job well. This will help cut down costs on toner for the copier and train employees to use the printer.