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New or Used Copier??

Should you buy a new or used copier in Richmond?

It is a proven lesson that every business owner in Richmond needs access to a copier. Even in this digital age, the amount of projects that need to be reproduced are immense. These projects range from handouts in meetings, to fliers sent to customers, to interoffice memos for all the employees. The question every business owner or office manager should ask is “Do I buy a new or used copier?”

Why buy a new copier?

It can be a good experience to search Richmond for that perfect new copier. Just be sure not to fall for features that aren’t needed, ones that won’t be used by the business office. Decide what you need before hand and make sure you also purchase a warranty.

Why buy a used copier?

Just because a copier is used doesn’t mean it is in bad shape. Although all used copiers have seen their share of use, many still have years of use left in them. The cost of used copiers is lower than a new one, and many companies will sell a warranty for the machine. This should help cover any worries that you might have when buying a preowned product.

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