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Questions to Ask when Buying a Copier

The life in a new office can be exciting. There are new hires milling about, new electronic toys to play with, snack machines and coffee makers to try out. These are good times to be in business. Everything in a new office is handpicked for the best qualities, from the employees to the equipment. This should include a copier since it is one of the most useful tools available.

Tips on buying a new Copier

Just like hiring a new employee or buying a new computer, certain questions must be asked when purchasing a copier. It isn’t good to assume that the vendor has the best interest of your office at heart. Be cautious when buying any new equipment, ask the right questions and figure out how to meet your exact needs.

Consider some of these questions:

What is your budget? Choose a copier within this.

What is the difference of a multifunction machine and a single function machine?

Will you create more colored copies or black and white copies? This will help determine copier costs.

How will the copier fit in your office? Size and shape matters when buying a new copier.

There are more questions to ask. For information on copier brand and features, give us a call.