Richmond Copier Provider - Xerox Sales and Leases

Budgeting for a Copier

If you want to purchase a copier for your Richmond area business, you must formulate a budget. There will be initial costs to cover the acquisition of the machine and the ongoing maintenance and replacement of consumables, such as toner and paper. You should create a prioritized list of essential features. Examples include electronic sorting, duplex copying and automatic document feeders as well as advanced functions, such as wireless printing. As you compare the cost of owning various copiers, evaluate the advantages that each machine provides. You may need to forego some features in order to obtain a copier within your price range.

If you discover that the costs exceed your budget, consider leasing a copy machine. A lease eliminates the requirement to use your capital for the purchase. You can make smaller monthly payments. A lease agreement may enable you to have access to a copy machine that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Contact our office and we will guide you through the process of purchasing or leasing a copier.