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Choice Does Matter – Happy Post Election!

Who You Buy from Matters

If you are looking to purchase a copy machine in Richmond, you will have to live with your decision in general for the next 3 to 5 years.  Like last night’s election, who you choose to work with can make your business life better or worse.  So, who will you choose?

When buying a copier, there are three primary cost sources you need to consider.

  1. Cost of the actual copier
  2. Cost to maintain the copier (repairs)
  3. Cost to print with the copier.

Some people will go the short term route and buy a copier that is cheap but costs a lot more in the long run.  Others will overpay in the initial part and never regain their costs because their volumes are just too low.  A final group buys a copier that is appropriate for their needs.  Before you sign your next copier contract, be sure you understand these 3 costs from any vendor you plan to work with!