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Color Copiers for Small Offices

Get a Great Color Copier in Richmond for your Small Office!

If you are in Richmond and have managed to survive the hurricane with everything in tact, then you may be looking at a small copier for your office.  If you need a small desktop copier, then there are some great options from Xerox, depending upon your page volumes.

The most economical option for people wanting to do a few hundred color copies per month would be the WorkCentre 6605Dn.  The nice part about the cost per print plan with the 6605 is you can do full color at about $.14 a print.  If you take prints to a FedEx spot, you are probably paying about $.40 for the same prints.  At just $1,099 — it won’t take long to break even with the initial cost of the copier.

If you would like a copier quote in Richmond, please give us a call today!