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What Will Happen With Sharp?

Planning for Worst, Hoping for the Best…

In case you haven’t read the news, Sharp has had some financial issues as of late as it pertains to their commercial copier division.  The word on the street is that Sharp is going to be selling off to Kyocera, but time will tell.  If your Richmond copier rep is trying to sell you a Sharp copier, just make sure they have a strategy to address your machine when the financial free fall hits the fan.  If Sharp sells to Kyocera, odds are there will be a fairly robust transition plan, if it goes to another player, it may not go quite so well.

When you are buying a copier, you want to make sure it will last for 5 years or longer.  When you are looking around it may be wise to really contemplate what the method of coverage will be on a copier whose future is a bit more uncertain than some of its competitors.

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